Farm Rolled (The Best Daily Smokers Cigar of the Month Club)

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$20.00 / month

Farm Rolled. From the factory, to your door. 4 ultra premium cigars for $20.00…now is the chance to subscribe and save money on the best cigars in the industry. Limit 10 subscriptions per person while supplies last.

At Privada Cigar Club we serve you the rarest and best cigars money can buy each month. Until now our monthly box consisted of your 3 special cigars. With our new Farm Rolled Subscription we will provide you with the best damn daily smokers you’ll  ever find, and at prices never seen before. Because of your support for the past three years, we have forged relationships DIRECTLY with the cigar manufacturers, farms and factories alike. This subscription is a THANK YOU to all the members who got us to where we are. It’s also a testament to any non believers or skeptics as to just how good the cigars in Privada Cigar Club are. These are THE BEST CIGARS you can find for $5 per stick. In stores with bands on them, you pay $9.00 and up for them. These cigars come from the same factories we know and love, only there is no 3rd party putting a cigar band and a profit margin on them. Aganorsa, La Zona, Diademas, Kafie, Raices Cubanas and the list goes on.

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61 reviews for Farm Rolled (The Best Daily Smokers Cigar of the Month Club)

  1. david vetter-steinberg (verified owner)

    can’t beat the price and you get some really good interesting sticks from established rollers to try without any preconceived notions based on brands. really helps you distinguish your palette and preferences without influence.

  2. Randy Trowbridge (verified owner)

    Killer price for some amazing cigars. Everything this club does is top notch. So if you’re on the fence, don’t be. Pull the trigger, you won’t be disappointed!

  3. WORRO (verified owner)

    Farm Rolled, rolled me! Some amazing cigars, at an incredible price. Very glad I jumped on board with this. Big Thumbs up to Farm Rolled!~John

  4. MATTHEW MILLS (verified owner)

    Seriously good cigars. I need to double my order, I finished all of them the first day.

  5. hwansikcjswo (verified owner)

    It’s super good, I am getting two bags now. I can’t believe I can get such good cigars at this price.

  6. Dave Rion (verified owner)

    Best cigars I’ve had. Excellent selection of cigars sent every month.

  7. Ian White (verified owner)

    You would have to be mad not to get on board with this! I have sampled some truly wonderful fresh cigars, every one is a nice mystery to unravel and no duff sticks here! Totally lush.

  8. Cory Gurule (verified owner)

    Loved Farm Rolled, I stoped getting them for awhile but I am picking the bag up again. Some of the best cigars I have smoked in awhile. #weareprivada thumbs up Brian and our great community.

  9. Augustas Gesevicius (verified owner)

    Been smoking cigars for 3,5 years … These farm rolled ones are better than 80-90% of any cigars you can buy…. There is no way to beat it.

  10. Paul Constancio (verified owner)

    Yes this particular club ive found to deliver the best possible quality and variety .Yet my first order had a couple cigars that were badly damaged at the foot.everything else has been over the top. keep up the good cigar hunting . request more blackbirds.

  11. Isaiah Scipio (verified owner)

    Farm Rolled is an extremely good buy and awesome sticks. I am pleased that they have no bands. It’s very intriguing. I have found every stick to be an experience that is have broadened my cigar knowledge that is not influence buy a band. I foresee this option to be desired more and more. Try it, you will like/love it!!!!

  12. joserivjr91 (verified owner)

    Amazing prices for direct from farm cigars from the big brands you know!!!

  13. Sherron Mosley (verified owner)

    What can I say but WOWWWWW! BEST cigar deal out there! I look forward to these every month! I haven’t been let down by any Farm-Rolled cigar yet!

  14. Ken Schafer (verified owner)

    Like to extend my appreciation to Brian who reached out asking my opinion of my first box of cigars and helped adding additional subscription boxes. Thank you.. Been a member for two months and a cigar smoker of over 30 years. Privada Club shows comradery to fellow members that is indicative of the presentation of the packages to the extradentary exclusivity of the selection of rare cigars. Everything I have received has been great.

  15. Virgil amey (verified owner)

    So freakin good I nearly bit my finger smoking it down to the nub. Fantastic sticks.

  16. Prashan Somapala (verified owner)

    got my fist 2 packs today and tried one. i am very happy i signed up to the program. Awesome smoke. can’t wait to try the rest.

  17. Scott Thornsbery (verified owner)

    I have not had a bad stick yet! Most of the farm rolled are better than the ones I buy with bands on them!

  18. Morgan Taylor (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Enough said

  19. Joshua Landman (verified owner)

    Great sticks, great price!!!! #weareprivada

  20. John Glemser (verified owner)

    These cigars are so good! Packaging and presentation are beautiful and flawless. Collaboration with AJ Fernandez sealed the deal. Thank you for doing this!

  21. dan.cleveland (verified owner)

    Farm Rolled cigars are the best value I have found. Have enjoyed each of the 20+ sticks I have smoked to date – daily smokers are now a premium experience. A great addition for any aficionado.

  22. Danny Crook (verified owner)

    One month in and I’m already beyond impressed. This isn’t a subscription, it’s a meditation – great sticks, presented well and offered for an unbelievable price. If you’re on the fence, pull the trigger…slay the dragon and and bring the gold back to your village in the form of premium cigars. Very happy and looking forward to what’s next for us! Grateful for Privada!

  23. Roger Mook (verified owner)

    Received my first box. Smoking a little Fernandez Blondie. Wrapper is silky smooth with a creamy taste that softens the extremely Full Flavors within. Amazing cigar.

  24. John Lucas (verified owner)

    My fourth shipment just arrived and it’s a duplicate of the last month! A bit disappointed, but there were a couple of great smokes in there. I was hoping for a new selection this month to help with election woes. Still a great deal and love the club.

  25. Tony Evans (verified owner)


  26. Miguel Castillo (verified owner)

    As a novice smoker, this is a great value for my money as I continue to learn.

  27. Micah Jackson (verified owner)

    My third Farm Rolled installment arrived today. It is the exact same quality shipment and the cigars look to be in perfect condition. You gotta appreciate when somebody puts love into their product! I can’t wait to get all up on my new smokes!! 🙂

  28. Ron Herman (verified owner)

    Went for the big boy on my first Farm Rolled shipment (November) with the La Zona picks. Lit up the 6×60 Maduro after dinner late in evening and had a little EagleRare 10 yr bourbon. First light was red pepper for me…immediately and then it lingered for a long finish…some dark dried fruits like raisins…woodsy hints. Pepper mellowed towards middle…ash was nearly perfect as was burn. Only touched up once after initial ash finally dropped half way through. Little warm towards last 3rd…more pepper but enjoyable smoke. I would consider it a FULL STRENGTH stick with good smoke production, light draw and consistent flavors. Would definitely recommend good meal beforehand…but then again I am a beginner. LOL

  29. Israel Cavazos (verified owner)

    WOW.!! I was a cigar virgin before enrolling for this subscription and now I am HOOKED.!! I received some A.J. Fernandez cigars and was immediately impressed and blown away how well they were rolled and tasted. The box pressed Churchill os by far my favorite so far. It was my very first cigar and i havent looked back. Keep up the great work in these trying times.!!

  30. Michael Cruz (verified owner)

    Got my first farm rolled subscription and was really impressed by the Espinosa takeover. They were all GREAT!!!

  31. Roger Taylor (verified owner)

    I don’t want to brag about the size of my ash, but it’s pretty big! I’m not too fond of Connecticut cigars, but this Farm Rolled one is wonderful! I would love to post a picture of the size of my ash. However, Privada would get shut down for it being an inappropriate image. Haha!

  32. Alvaro Sánchez Cruz (verified owner)

    it’s an amazing deal, the Espinoza Farm Rolled is just awesome!

  33. Helder Rosa (verified owner)

    This is perfect… just perfect… #farmrolledfriday

  34. Victor Romero (verified owner)

    I was skeptical for trying a cigar of the month club, but for the price I thought I’d give it a shot. So glad I did because the cigars are better than I expected!

  35. Jack Franks (verified owner)

    Amazing service and sticks cant fault these guys one bit from the uk and everything that arrives i can smoke straight away with no problems

  36. Jeff Ulrich (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant to sign up for Farm Rolled but oh man did they win me over on the first order. The cigars were better than anything I had in my humidor at the time. One thing that really impressed me was how Brian checked in to see how I was liking the first box. It is great to see a company who cares about the customer. I had to boost my order to a second one so I can share the love. Privada isn’t a large corporation, it’s a brotherhood.

  37. Jesse Ziegler (verified owner)

    This is the BEST use of your $$ in the cigar industry PERIOD. Privada is simply the result of when authenticity’s in the drivers seat rather than a future dated selfish-means-to-an-end which all of us have been guilty of sometime or another in our lives. You are a fool and in denial to not appreciate what the fuck kind of wizardry is going on here.

  38. Yahir Vergara (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck. Even more than that. Quality, quality quality!

  39. Yahir Vergara (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck. Even more than that. Quality, quality quality!

  40. ChefJohnie Nicholson (verified owner)

    The best part of the whole thing, is when you find a stick that you love, Mr D. Gives you how to find it. You just have to read your story and bam you’ll find um. #privada4life #weareprivada..

  41. Daxton Sloan (verified owner)

    ABSOLUTE BANGERS MAN! I got my first shipment and automatically signed up for 2 of the farm rolled subscriptions since the bundles are out of stock.
    Are you even a cigar smoker if you aren’t in farm rolled?

  42. Chance Hurt (verified owner)

    Got my first month couple weeks ago, and all I can say is awesome! 3 of the 4 was a home run! #1 ULD-HAB-41252 was great, noticed right off the bat was dark staind cellophane and the stick did not disappoint. Light dust of plume, and great flavor. Can’t wait to see what come next!

  43. Chance Hurt (verified owner)

    Got my first month couple weeks ago, and all I can say is awesome! 3 of the 4 was a home run! #1 ULD-HAB-41252 was great, noticed right off the bat was dark staind cellophane and the stick did not disappoint. Light dust of plume, and great flavor. Can’t wait to see what come next!

  44. Toke Masta (verified owner)

    Got my first bag in April. Have only had a chance to smoke the #4, but it was an amazing cigar. I know the rest will be awesome. Thanks guys.

  45. Mark McNeil (verified owner)

    The June farm rolled was excellent. Enjoyed #4 I just this morning. Definite chocolate & black pepper. Others were smoked this past week in the evening. Great taste mimicking the tasting notes. All smoked evenly with a clean white ash.

  46. John (verified owner)

    A friend of mine from a pipe and cigar section of other subjective matter forum sent me a couple of the AJF farm rolled for Christmas. HOLY CRAP! I finally signed up and got an additional grab bag. Nothing labeled other than maybe a number. One had the Privada logo and Ultra Premium on it. Best cigar I’ve had in months. My local shop is LCA and I get some high quality sticks from them, but man the farm rolls have yet to let me down at 1/3-1/4 the cost.

  47. afuller2k (verified owner)

    Farm Roll is off the chain!! One of the best idea from the cigar industry I’ve seen in a while. Privada is changing the game and WE are on different level. Keep up the good work everyone. #weareprivada.

  48. Reynaldo Quesada (verified owner)

    In the past year, all the farm rolled cigars have contained quality tobaccos, hands down. The flavors range in each pack, and the ultra premium sticks in the recent packs have been nearly a cigar of the year for me. I’d pay well over $10 for that one stick alone. This 4 pack is a great deal. If I bought 2 packs with the plan to let the 2nd pack age, you’d have to hide the 2nd pack from me, cause I’d want to smoke em.

  49. Eric Olivencia (verified owner)

    Honestly…. I have not smoked a single farm rolled cigar I did not like… FN amazing smokes. What’s fun is when you figure out what it is and you buy a box of your favorites.

  50. Stanton Cole (verified owner)

    I have had this several months and I haven’t had a bad stick yet. There is so much nuance and flavor in everything I get from Privada. Great program at a great price.

  51. Rick Alarcon (verified owner)

    I’m fairly new to smoking cigars, so I decided to join the Farmed Rolled monthly club as a way to sample a wide variety of sticks at a really affordable price, the first month April 2022 did not disappoint, I really enjoyed the FSL-MEX-650

  52. Fadi Mehdi (verified owner)

    True high grade cigars. On my my second month’s order. Kept last month’s order resting in the humidor for around 4 weeks to ease from the long journey they’ve been on. The Quality superseded my expectations. I love how swift the delivery is from Orlando to London England within 7 days that’s incredible.✨✨✨

  53. Paul Hetrick (verified owner)

    Farm rolls are the hidden treasures of the cigar world. You will swear you hit gold when you try these. 4 for 20, what’s not to like. These cigars are amazing. I look forward to these coming every month.

  54. Terry Tassin (verified owner)

    Love, love, LOVE this club. I’ve had five or six monthly shipments to date, and enjoyed all but one cigar (plugged). The last three shipments seem to be repeats of AJ Fernandez/San Lotano blends, and as much as I like AJ I think I’ll take a break for a while – I hope to sign up again later and see what different farms might be contributing at that time.

  55. Terrence Manns (verified owner)

    Love it when my order arrives every month. I just want to know how to order the sticks that I like? Please help?

  56. Terrence Manns (verified owner)

    I order the entire line of cigars listed on the “The Best Limited Experience” page and last smoked the Jopito/De La Cruz last night and oh, man, it was fantastic! I’m going to start pairings with the next smokes! FANTASTIC!

  57. Terrence Manns (verified owner)

    I order the entire line of cigars listed on the “The Best Limited Experience” page and last smoked the Jopito/De La Cruz last night and oh, man, it was fantastic! I’m going to start pairings with the next smokes! FANTASTIC!

  58. David Babeluck (verified owner)

    January 2023. My first time being a part of this wonderful club. I received this months 4 pack and, the first stick I chose was the #3 Undisclosed Dominacan Habano 5×50. Knocked my freakin’ socks off!!! I have since smoked 2 more, but that Habano is by far my favorite. If that cigar was one I could get more of, my life would be complete!

  59. Justin Joyner (verified owner)

    This is such a great way for a cigar neophyte to begin. Just received Septembers cigars and got to say I love everything about the La Zona 5×50. Delectable flavor, impeccable burn and shape. Thank you so much!

  60. Jamie Duncan (verified owner)

    Well worth the price great sticks with the info you need to enhance your cugar journey . You will not be disappointed

  61. Jeffery Henkel (verified owner)

    Ever since the Farm Rolled packs started I can honestly say that in those packs specifically I have had only 1-2 “meh” sticks, but I have has many, many, many fantastic smokes. I look forward toothier arrival each month to see what may be inside. This is got to be one of the best ideas for a cigar club. Keep up the good work guys! I love it.

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