Delectados Orchid by Eladio Diaz Aged 9 Months



Eladio Diaz, distinguished for his blending expertise, has introduced an extraordinary cigar at Privada, deviating from his traditional Connecticut shade cigars.  This departure marks a bold new chapter for Eladio, offering a unique creation that embodies his legendary skills and newfound freedom post-Davidoff.

This cigar is not just a product of smoke but a gateway to a telepathic connection with Eladio Diaz, a master in his field, likely enjoying the same blend in the tranquility of his backyard.  The experience is a celebration of his lasting impact on the cigar industry, symbolizing the evolution of cigar craftsmanship.  Eladio’s latest offering at Privada merges tradition with innovation, showcasing his profound insight into tobacco’s potential when crafted with passion.

This blend is designed to provide a sensory journey for aficionados, featuring a complex flavor profile that appeals across experience levels.  Every puff delivers a nuanced experience, carefully balanced to ensure a memorable and satisfying smoke.  Welcome to the future of cigars, led by Eladio Diaz’s visionary craftsmanship, now available in Privada style.  This blend allows us to connect with a craft refined over decades and anticipate the ongoing transformation of the cigar industry under his guidance.

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Wrapper: Connecticut Shade from Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Piloto Seco
Fillers: Blend of Dominican San Vicente Seco, Piloto Seco, and Olor Seco

Body: I’m greeted with fermented apricot, floral notes, and a whisper of cocoa
Foot: The essence of Cuban tobacco interlaced with cocoa, setting the stage for a story untold.
Cold Draw: A tale of apricot preserves, rich and inviting.

Tasting Notes: First Third- The opening act is a ballet of subtleties – musty cedar dances with a curious note of burning paper, gently fading into the background as a light mushroom essence steps onto the stage.  The retrohale deepens this experience, layering fuller mushroom mustiness atop the cedar undercurrent.  This segment, mild in strength, leaves you contemplating its delicate complexities.

Second Third- As we journey into the middle section, the musty mushroom subtly asserts dominance over the toasted cedar, weaving through the smoke with a quiet confidence.  The retrohale blurs the lines between these flavors, creating a muddled, yet intriguing melody.  Closing out this third, the mushroom recedes, allowing the toasted cedar to share the spotlight equally with the evolving narrative of the smoke.

Final Third- Entering the finale, the cedar intensifies, now heavily toasted and slightly ahead of the lingering mustiness.  A poignant moment occurs three quarters in, as a light bitterness joins the symphony, adding a new layer to the complexity.  The retrohale mirrors this shift with toasted cedar and a whisper of mustiness.  The cigar concludes with a robust chorus of heavily toasted, lightly bitter cedar, and a backdrop of subtle mustiness.  The strength nudges just below medium, perfectly rounding out this sensory expedition.

Pairing Suggestions: This cigar pairs beautifully with a crisp, oaky Chardonnay or a light amber ale, each complementing the cedar and honey notes respectively.  For food, consider something earthy like a mushroom risotto or a simple almond biscotti to echo th enutty musty characteristics of the cigar.


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