Runaway Felix Aged 4 Years



Jose Senabria, the maestro behind the revered Stag Award cigar, has once again showcased his flair with the Runaway Felix. This cigar is an ode to the hilarious mishaps from the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade – particularly the 1927 episode where Felix the Cat, the parade’s first balloon, met a rather inflating end. Crafted at the same renowned Honduran factory that once produced Kafie cigars, Runaway Felix is a nostalgic trip that embodies the spirit and essence of that very parade.

The Parade Tale: Rewind to 1927 – an era without television, a world yet to see the majesty of the Empire State Building. For many, witnessing the first balloon, Felix the Cat, at the Macy’s Parade, was nothing short of mesmerizing. But, as fate would have it, this enchanting spectacle was marred by an unforeseen hiccup. As the parade concluded and the jubilation waned, a pressing question arose
– how to deflate the mammoth balloon? In an amusing oversight, the
handlers, consumed by the grandeur of the ascent, overlooked the descent.
And thus, in a decision tinged with both hilarity and desperation, they set
Felix free. This soaring feline, in his untamed enthusiasm, ventured too close
to the sun and met a popping end. Today, Runaway Felix cigar immortalizes
this moment, letting the spirit of that adventurous cat live on with every puff.

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Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Binder: Nicaraguan
Fillers: Honduran (Grown by Plasencia), Nicaraguan

Body: Rich undertones of prunes lay the foundation for the tasting experience.
Foot: The initial whiffs bring together the sweet intensity of prunes combined with the earthy aroma of raw nuts
Cold Draw: A decadent melody of chocolate prune, dried fruits, and the subtle hints of dried apple or cedar sets the stage for what’s about to come.

Tasting Notes: Dive into a billowy cloud of powdery smoke, punctuated by vibrant notes of dried cranberries. The dance of black and white pepper with cedar tantalizes the middle palate. Adding to this sensory treat is a unique blend of savory salt and zest from lime. It’s evident – this isn’t your average Connecticut shade. A turn towards a more layered experience awaits with a medley of salt, dried strawberries, and a creamy smoke occasionally donning a powdery texture. Cedar’s refreshing touch is complemented by clean black pepper, golden honey nut almond, and a zestful splash of citrus, all culminating in a spicy cinnamon finish.

The finale presents a symphony of honey, cedar, and faintly dehydrated fruits. A piercing note of sharp cedar weaves through the powdery smoke, with tantalizing hints of salt, cinnamon, and the faintest whiff of citrus.

Pairing Notes: Given its unique blend and flavor profile, pairing it with aged rum, dark chocolates, red wines with hints of cedar, and a platter of mixed dried fruits would be apt. For those wishing to truly commemorate Felix’s fateful flight, perhaps a 1920s inspired cocktail could be in order.


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