Sinistro Islay Aged 4 Years

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This is truly a mystery cigar. The fine people at Sinistro were walking through the aging rooms of La Aurora one day when their Whatsapp alerted them to a message from me. “I need 1500 Lanceros. They have to be amazing and I need them now dammit!” One of the partners, James, immediately texted back “this is impossible bro,” but the other partner Coleman chimed in with “I got you covered big dog.”  They searched high and low until finally stumbling upon the dankest part of the cellar. In a dusty corner they unearthed a dark, toothy, lancero that had been there for 6 years. No one knew what to make of this cigar. The flavors were so unique and there were so few of them that no one had ever put them out. The people in the factory always talked about doing something with them but it just never happened. Then came PRIVADA! All I can say about this cigar is you’ve heard of culinary cuisine. These 4 and 5 star dining experiences in restaurants that have 6 month waiting lists. Then there is super culinary, like restaurants such as NOMA in Norway that have reservations booked years in advance. They play with gastronomy and science to create food never before seen or tasted. That’s what this cigar is. It’s beyond anything you have ever had before. All they know is it has HVA and Broadleaf tobacco along with Dominican Viso.

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Tasting notes: Okay, the body of this cigar has my favorite aroma. I call it a detergent or dryer sheet aroma, but others would say floral. I also get this CLEAN, fresh air after the rain thing. This is my favorite ester to get in a cigar. I get nothing on the foot. The cold draw is mossy. This is going to be a theme in this cigar. Peat moss. Forest floor dank. The first few puffs don’t show much because of the age, but then white pepper kicks in the retro and at first there is cocoa, that detergent floral, and smooth yet tangy smoke. Then the cigar becomes more meaty and the moss comes back. The white pepper is full enough to satisfy but there is also a depth of layers of chocolate and earth and moss and florals and the list goes on… this is a BANGER! The tongue sensation is almost sour, eventually turning salty. The flavors become hard to pin down. This is like a culinary chocolate bar of cocoa and salt and pistachio and flavors you can only imagine. At the halfway point comes one of my other favorite notes that seems to complement the aroma I noted on the body. I call it cola or Dr. Pepper. It’s very hard to describe but that’s what it reminds me of. I mean, how do you describe what cola tastes like? Sweet and sour on the tongue, cola, chocolate, woods and that moss. Now the moss becomes a little more peated like a scotch from Islay! In the end it gets fruity. Then hickory comes to town. WOW!

Pairing notes: Nothing. Smoke this on a clean palate. Wait for the right time with this one. Have a cola an hour beforehand and maybe have this after a gourmet meal.

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8 reviews for Sinistro Islay Aged 4 Years

  1. Davinder mann (verified owner)

    Extremely interesting smoke! Think of this smoke as a palate builder. Islay meets fabric softener meets a mild Cabernet ..may be a turn off to some but worth the experience.if you like pungent cheeses you will be in heaven.

  2. David Kennedy (verified owner)

    If you like things a little unique and a little bitter, this cigar is for you. All I can say is that this vitola is very complex. It made it interesting enough to where I am buying more to see if each one is like the one before.

  3. Dennis Leete (verified owner)

    Fantastic smoke! Description pretty much right on for me. Sat in my humidor for almost a year. One of the best I’ve ordered among plenty of super cigars!

  4. Krystal Nolan (verified owner)

    The palate sensation this cigar causes is unique. Like a cocoa dusted cloud on my tongue. Paired it with a Birch Beer, the combination is surreal on the palate. Cheers to Brian and the guys at Sinistro!

  5. James Pyne (verified owner)

    This cigar is so good! I just ordered two more lol

  6. William Payment (verified owner)

    This is what got me into smoking sinistro! I love the sinistro lineup and this ceegar is deadly it’s a very very unique Lancero I’ve never had anything like it and you’d best try it before they are gone

  7. Will Watson (verified owner)

    This is my favorite cigar. WOW, just WOW. Islay Scotch mixed with everything good that comes out of a Dominican cigar. If I could, I’d give it 10 stars.

  8. Will Watson (verified owner)

    This is my favorite cigar. WOW, just WOW. Islay Scotch mixed with everything good that comes out of a Dominican cigar. If I could, I’d give it 10 stars.

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